Forestry to Production data gaps?

A recent search of the USDA Forest Service research reports for monitoring forest carbon stock changes with time shows a rapidly advancing technology and knowledge base, from the use of Landsat and Lidar aerial mapping and monitoring technologies. How can we be so sophisticated and capable at mapping, statistically modeling, and tracking these changes with time at the forestry level… but not yet able to bring that same information forward in the form of more forest or mill specific EPD’s? How do we bridge this growing data gap?[0]=nrt_combined%3A"Inventory%2C%20Monitoring%2C%20%26%20Analysis%20"

Great questions Don! Are you interested in learning more about the current state of practice? Join the upcoming Wood Carbon Seminars starting this Thursday at 9am.

Kate, this seminar is showing up as full. Will they be recorded, or perhaps more space opened up?