Glulam Reuse: supply, implementation?


Does anybody know of a supplier of salvaged glulam beams in the US (or reuse center that has any)?
Did anybody successfully reuse glulams, and if yes, how did the structural grading/sign off process go?

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Hi @jonorato! Where are you considering? Seen some studies showing sourcing reused products long-distances negates the benefit of reuse. Just something to consider.

It wasn’t glulam, but @amie.sullivan (KPFF) gave a GREAT presentation on her Federal Center South project. She’d probably be a good resource!

Other thoughts would be to talk with folks doing deconstruction work (I’ve mainly seen in PNW, but maybe I have a west coast bias):

Hi @Luke-Lombardi !

Thanks a lot for the response. Good point about the location. This would be for a project in Washington, DC (and I also suspect there being less glulam supply on the East Cost), but if not, at least for my knowledge.

I’ll reach out to local deconstruction companies too. And @amie.sullivan, if you have any resources to share, I’d be greatly interested!

I haven’t looked specifically but I know the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area has a fairly robust reuse industry and there might be resources or at least some additional knowledge to be gleaned there.

ReUse Warehouse - Better Futures Minnesota This might be a good start though it is a small outfit.

Unfortunately I cannot address the testing question.

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