How to include carbon contribution in the Revit linked models using Tally?

Hi all,

I am wondering what are your methodologies pulling multiple Revit models elements and combined them in one Tally analysis model? For example, if I were a architect and I get structural model in Revit. How do I create a Tally model for carbon calculation which include both architectural and structural elements?

Currently I am copying over the other model elements from the external model. Wondering if there are more efficient workflow. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Eunice - you can actually apply tally definitions within both models (assuming that you are allowed to modify both). If our structural engineer isn’t running a tally model of their elements, we’ll usually break off a new central model of the structural model and save it locally to serve as the LCA study. Then we’ll input material information inside that model and link it to our architectural tally model. While you can’t update information in the linked models (information is read only), you can get take offs of material in those models if they are defined. Just make sure you have a clear understanding of what material is being tracked in what model. Last thing you want to do is double count structural material that shows up in both the architectural and structural models (floor slabs are a common one)!