Tally updates for Revit 2022?

Has anyone heard word on version updates based on the new changes with Tally being brought under Building Transparency? My office would like to transition soon to Revit 2022, and are building Tally definitions for our template materials into our project template, but right now Tally only supports up to 2021 and we trying to get an ETA for a Tally update that supports Revit 2022.

Any insights helpful.



Good question for @Vaclav and @stacy.smedley1 from Building Transparency!

This is currently being impemented by our partners at KT as part of our ongoing engagement during the Tally transition. I’ll get an update on timeline.

Stacy Smedley
Executive Director, Building Transparency

Thanks Stacy,

Looking forward to the updates!

Dear Stacy,

I would be so thankful if you could please let me know what the “EC3 export” button in Tally does.
Any help is appreciated in advance!


This exports your bill of materials and quantities from Tally and into EC3 as a project, so you can then assign EPD collections and actual EPDs of products specified/procured within EC3 for product stage emissions.

Thank you for the information, Stacy!

Hi @stacy.smedley1

Checking back in on this thread – are there any updates as to when Tally for Revit 2022 will be released? We have a handful of projects starting in R22 that would love to jump into Tally soon.


The release date for Tally for Revit 2022 is now expected to be October 8th, 2021.