I'd like to get some architect input on a vacuum insulated glass innovation

I’m performing due diligence on an investment in a company with a vacuum insulated glass innovation that has the potential to make R15 2 pane windows for the same price as the best 2 pane windows.

I’d like to find out how windows get specified, especially for commercial buildings, and what the requirements are that this innovation would have to meet to be a compelling option.

If you know someone who’d be willing to talk to me for 30-45 minutes on this topic, I’d be very grateful for an introduction.


Jeff Thiel

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Hi Jeff

I’m not an architect, but I am a mechanical (HVAC) engineer who has done a lot of work on unconventional projects. I am one of those oddballs who thinks of the envelope, including the glass, as the most important part of the mechanical system, and I have designed buildings where we had to e.g. specify different glass for different building orientations to meet both daylighting and thermal control goals. (You can read about that project here: https://tinyurl.com/2h2btjqu).

I would be happy to share what I do know about windows, and answer your questions.

Beyond that, I think we might have other topics to discuss as well. My consulting work is focused specifically on green/cleantech innovations for the built environment, and it looks from your Linkedin profile like you have similar interests.

Feel free to email me: greenengineer@lorax.org
Or put some time on my calendar for us to talk: Appointlet

Looking forward to getting connected.