EPDs for fiberglass windows?

Hey all,
I’ve been scouring the web for even a single EPD from a fiberglass window manufacturer, but haven’t come up with anything.
Would love a link or a file if anybody on this forum has found something!

Hi Chris,

For this type of search I often use https://www.sustainableminds.com/. You can search by division and section for several different types of certification.

Unfortunately I’m not finding any fiberglass windows with an EPD either, so it doesn’t help you…but it does tell me that maybe there aren’t any at this time, in case that is useful information to take to a manufacturer you have in mind.


Hello Chris, Alpen Windows had provided one of our projects with a partial materials list, MSDS sheets and I believe they said they had a declare label and were realist certified. I am not as familiar with the various forms and what they offer, but When I asked, they seemed to be taking this sort of question reasonably seriously. Have you tried speaking with them?

Hey Chris,
Here is a DECLARE label for Cascadia Fibergalss Windows:

If you need a contact at Cascadia let me know. Good window we have used in the past.

Chris Hill

I was searching today and found this one:

Thanks! I missed this one!