Industry Partnerships for Bamboo Siding/Rainscreen Product

Eco-Shelter Inc., in partnership with Washington State University have developed a revolutionary new exterior-grade bamboo composite building material with funding from the US National Science Foundation. More here:

We developed the product for applications as roofing in emerging markets, India specifically, but are expanding the product’s application to the US market as a siding, paneling and rainscreen product.

We are pursuing an opportunity for additional R&D funding for testing and certifications in these applications and are looking to speak with industry partners who:

  1. Have an interest in low-embodied carbon materials
  2. Can provide insight on the development and specification process
  3. Are interested in supporting adoption of ultra-low carbon building materials in commercial or residential projects
  4. Developers who can specify the materials/products into their own designs would be a major plus

Please feel free to contact me at to learn more. I would love to connect!

How exciting! RMI’s Third Derivative program runs a climate-tech accelerator, helping promising climate tech get to market and to scale faster and more reliably. If of interest, I’d love to chat more and would encourage you to apply!

Hi Lindsay -

Thanks for reaching out! I think we may have met very briefly at Verge - our product also has applications as a “Cool Roof” for emerging markets like India.

I’d love to set up time to connect. Let me know what your availability looks like.


I knew this sounded familiar! That sounds great - I’ll email you directly.