Searching for a Copper Roofing EPD or similar

Good morning all!

This is my first post here on CLF, so I apologize if this is not the correct format! My colleagues and I are working on embodied carbon calculations for a new residence and are having trouble finding an EPD which helps us to understand metrics on carbon footprint for standing seam copper roofing. We are using the BEAM tool for our calculations.

Aluminum is a material we’re considering as an alternative due to its inherent ability to be recycled, but we’d like to see how the two compare in terms of emissions in kg CO2 per sf. If anyone has any leads, I’d certainly appreciate it. Thank you!

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hi @nsherburne - I’m not familiar with this product, but maybe this could still help you along. There are a handful of copper EPDs in EC3 (below).

TECU (Germany): Environmental Product Declaration-TECU® Copper - KME - PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures (

Can also loosely reference the Denmark materials pyramid.

Did not check OneClick, but there may be an option to incorporate localization if your study is in Canada rather than Europe.

No need to apologize, we’re here to help each other. Your project sounds interesting, and it’s great that you’re considering sustainability. I can’t provide a direct answer, but have you tried reaching out to roofing material manufacturers or industry associations? They might have the data or resources you need. Good luck with your research!