ISO: economist knowledgeable about circular economy, built environment and corporate finance

Hello - I’m in search of an economist or circular finance expert who is knowledgeable about how money works in the built environment and corporate finance. Working on a conference presentation and have questions I can’t get answered in the US. Thanks in advance…

I’m not an economist or finance expert (beyond realizing that standard, non-circular economics is just a giant self-licking ice cream cone) but I am a built environment expert with more than a little exposure to how spending decisions are made in commercial buildings. Feel free to tap me if you’d like to talk., or schedule a meeting Appointlet

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I came across this webinar from the IFC EDGE team that might be linked to the topics you’re researching: EU Taxonomy and Global Real Estate

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I’m not sure how I missed that! But I ended up signing myself up for a course that I highly recommend to anyone in this forum. It’s called Regenerative Economics. Course: Introduction to Regenerative Economics - CAPITAL INSTITUTE