Job Opportunities For Recent Graduates

Hi everyone,

I am a recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. I graduated with a degree in Architecture with an emphasis in sustainable technologies, meaning that most of my classes were about sustainable design and such, one of them was an LCA this lead me to want to dedicate my life to the greening of existing and new buildings.
I’m sure everyone here and others who are yet to form part of this community feel the same, however, it has been quite a struggle to find internships or job opportunities in the field. With COVID-19 it became even harder to find a job and I am sure I am not the only one going through this.
If there is one thing I wish the school did better was offer more services that can provide future graduates help in connecting with employers, firms, and individuals who could hire them in their desired fields.
The purpose of this post is to ask: Is there anyone in the Seattle area or other areas who is hiring, looking to hire entry-level individuals? Anyone knows of employers or firms that dedicate to sustainability where they may need entry-level positions filled? What some good places to apply or a good reference to go to if one wants to work in sustainability?

Thank you for your time! I hope other college graduates can find this post helpful and a useful reference point in their job hunt.


Kevin D Sosa

Hi Kevin,

Note in Seattle, but Buro Happold is hiring some roles for the coming summer intake:

Good luck with your search!
Aurora Jensen

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