LCA intro workshop from CLF Austin (includes Athena and Tally demo)

Last week, the CLF Austin hub held an LCA Workshop. We want to grow the practice of LCA, so it is meant to be an introduction to LCA as a practice with demonstrations in Athena and Tally. This information is certainly not unique to Austin and we need to expand LCA as a practice everywhere, so I’m sharing it with y’all!

I’ve attached the supporting files including slides from the introductory presentation, the Tally demo, and the Athena demo. This Discourse website doesn’t support uploading spreadsheets, so please reach out if you’d like a copy of the Athena Bill of Materials (BOM) Import spreadsheet. You can find a recording of the event on YouTube along with our other recordings from the same channel.

These are all living documents so if you find something wrong with them or have any suggestions, please reach out so we can make corrections and updates.

If you’re in Austin or Central Texas and want to get involved in the hub, please signup for updates here.

LCA Workshop Intro Slides (CLF Austin).pdf (2.5 MB)
LCA Workshop Athena Demo (CLF Austin).pdf (1.2 MB)
LCA Workshop Tally Demo (CLF Austin).pdf (986.3 KB)