Tally GWP Reporting: Materials by Stage?

Hi all,

I am looking to see if there is an option to get a breakdown of Material impacts by Stage, to do material-level analysis in A1-A3. Working off the XLS report, I can get Category and Division by Stage, and I understand Material-level info by Stage is being analyzed, but not reported. Am I missing an obvious setting, or is this not currently available in that most LCA tools aren’t getting material-specific? Is this when I export to EC3 for further analysis?

I’ve been using BEAM and EC3 for material-level analysis, but ideally I’d stay within Tally for this current application; thanks in advance for any suggestions, and apologies if this has already been addressed on the forum (wasn’t able to locate a similar thread).


If you are looking for a breakdown into A1, A2, and A3 separately, then that is not available in Tally. The reason for this is 1) the difficulty to consistently organize data this way for all materials and for industry-wide models, and 2) it gets into sharing more complete LCA models which gets to be more costly when accessing commercial databases like GaBi. The latter may also not be possible at all in cases where the models may reveal a substantial amount of proprietary data from manufacturers. Many EPDs only show aggregated A1-A3 data as well for these reasons.