Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) for Tilt-Up Concrete Construction in LA

Hello CLF - Does anybody know if Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) is appropriate for tilt-up concrete construction? And if so, any expectations on if this would likely be an added cost or cost neutral? FYI, we are designing this tilt-up for a large new soundstages project in the DTLA Arts District. Thanks, Aaron with Grimshaw Architects in Los Angeles


Look up tilt-up hempcrete construction. It’s happening! Seen here in this film on Linkedin. Jordan Berger on LinkedIn: #hemp #hempcrete #greenbuilding

Thanks for this question to the CLF Community, Aaron! Keen to hear others thoughts!

RMI has written about the benefits, but to-date most production and progress remains outside the US.

There is some plans for production in California, but my understanding is that this is still at least a couple years from commercial availability.

I know there have been an event or two in Texas and around the US over the last couple years. Maybe or RMI folks can shed more light…?

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Thank you Luke! This is very helpful. I have connected with Scott Shell of Climate Works and will pivot to opportunities to pilot in TX as that region is better situated for available supply. As you have suggested - and Scott has confirmed - CA production/availability is a few years away.

Hi Aaron, Luke -

DCI Engineers has been looking for opportunities to utilize LC3 on upcoming projects, so thank you for the information provided in this thread! I’m based in California and also reached out to Scott requesting more specifics. See the below highlights from his response in case they are of benefit:

  • There are a number of cement companies in North America working on LC3, but production is currently limited. Some companies are waiting for demand, which creates a chicken vs. egg situation, so we should begin reaching out to cement producers and expressing interest in them producing LC3.

Potential leads:

  • Argos has a major plant in Columbia and is very interested in bringing LC3 to their North American market (Texas/Eastern half of the US). Contact Lucas Moreno Kristiansen for more information.

  • Ash Grove (a CRH company) produced LC3 in an extra kiln they had available at their Louisville, Missouri plant and is enthusiastic about scaling up production. They also have a plant in Midlothian, Texas. Contact Dave Suchorski and Cheng Qi for more information.

  • Texas would be a great candidate for LC3 due to its ability to receive imports by barge and also because of the need for high SCMs to deal with ASR. It is also the largest cement-producing state.

  • Purebase has a major mine in Ione, California with a pilot plant and they plan to build a full-scale plant soon. Contact David Harvey to express market demand.

  • CalPortland has said that LC3 will be a big part of their future and they will potentially develop a source in Reno, Nevada down the line. Reach out to your contacts at CalPortland to express market demand.