Low Carbon Interiors - Opening Thread

Carbon Lovers!

I’m setting this up for ongoing discussion on best practices, obstacles, and lessons learned with respect to addressing/lowering embodied carbon impact in interiors specifications. I know we have a lot of people in this community who were interested in focusing on this element of the conversation, so hopefully this helps!

Who’s got live projects to talk about?

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Hey Joey! Thanks again for starting this Group…so happy to be able to keep in touch. MSR is working on some deep dives into Embodied Carbon as it relates to Millwork/Casework, and we’ll be publishing our study to initiate some conversation around it. Since there aren’t industry baselines for those finishes/components yet, we’re working to establish those on our own and are hoping to gain feedback and push the conversation forward in this “hole” we’re seeing right now in the industry (espeically in interior-specific work) and carbon-related tools.

If anyone has thoughts about the above…let me know! I’ll be in touch when it’s ready to share!


Be sure to check out the Carbon Leadership Forum’s research on this topic:



Yes, thank you, Kate! These are serving as the foundation…amazing work.

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Anyone have experience with this material? We like to share low carbon materials, and this seems aligned but good to know if it’s a good material to promote:

Hey everyone! If you missed today’s launch of the Climate Toolkit for Interior Design, not to worry - it is now live on the METROPOLIS website! Climate Toolkit - Metropolis

Check it out! Amazing work by a lot of contributors.

Hi again carbon lovers! As mentioned earlier this summer, here is the white paper that @simonaf @EmilyGross and I put together over the last few months focusing on emobided carbon for various casework assemblies/finishes. We welcome all your feedback and we hope this can be informative for project teams! Please reach out with any questions / comments.


2021-08-31 Casework embodied carbon case study_MSR Design.pdf (856.7 KB)

Hi Lisa! I’ve used Dekton on a few projects-I’ve heard feedback that’s it’s tricky to cut without chipping it but so far we haven’t had any issues when we pressed forward and it looks gorgeous installed!