New report: Embodied carbon study of casework and countertop materials

Hi all, I recently worked with @vmccracken and @EmilyGross to conduct an analysis of different casework and countertop materials, comparing them in terms of embodied carbon. We also built a calculator to track the impact of casework and countertop assemblies in context with other interior finish materials. Check out our findings here:

The casework calculator is a tab in our Sustainability Metrics Drawing Set Template & Tracker tool. Download the calculator under available downloads:

Some lessons learned:

  • Solid surface countertops have the highest GWP per LF, while concrete has the lowest
  • Embodied carbon of casework and countertops is significant, especially in multifamily residential typologies, and should be included in project LCAs, especially of interior renovation projects

We welcome comments and feedback:
Or reach out directly to myself, Veronica (CLF-MN hub leader), or Emily.


Simona - Thanks for sharing. This is great!

Thank you Simona for your work on this and for sharing. This is really great work and I will share this with my team!

I agree, this is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!