M/E/P Data Support for Residential EC Standard

Hi all,

I am working on establishing baseline data sources for typical residential M/E/P materials as part of the development of an embodied carbon standard for RESNET. I have modeled out a series of scenarios and have developed a data set based off of what I’ve been able to glean from a combination of European, US, and OneClick internal data sources, but given the lack and diversity of data sources, my confidence in the data quality is low.

Is there anyone in this group available to consult on confirming the data source and baseline GWP factors for these typical materials and equipment? I’m hoping someone from the MEP 2040 cohort might be interested. This may be a simple as peer review of my current modeling.

I am hoping to wrap this up by the end of May. This need not be volunteer work, as there is some budget available for this research. Please contact me at jacob@newframeworks.com if you are interested or have resources/leads you can share. Thanks in advance for your support!

Jacob Racusin

Hi, Jacob

I am interested in taking a look at what you have…

Mike Woolsey