Mass Timber / CLT Resilient Floor Alternative to Concrete Topping Slabs

Hello All - Can anybody suggest alternatives to lightweight concrete topping slabs for mass timber/CLT resilient floors?

I will specify a raised floor system where possible for this large mixed-use technology campus, but raised floors are not going to work for the labs and fabrication labs.

Has anybody seen innovative solutions in this space? Might there be a super low carbon precast concrete option that is at a minimum demountable? Other ideas welcome.


Would love to be able to help you here Aaron, but we are not at that stage yet. Hopefully in the future we would be the exact solution you were looking for.

hey @aaron.vaden-youmans - great question. Always a number of considerations for topping like structural diaphragm loads and vibration as well as acoustic requirements. Here’s Woodworks resource of various assemblies rated for acoustic performance. It includes options without concrete entirely.

Might also consider normal weight concrete as it has much less EC and can actually improve vibration (more mass)–but of course something to discuss with your SE!

Would be interested to learn of other innovations as well.