My Princeton Lecture on Embodied Energy

Princeton has posted the video of my lecture on Embodied Energy. The first 40 minutes is my prepared remarks. The second 40 minutes is a Q&A that went off on some interesting tangents.
I welcome all comments!

[Negative Energy and (Dis)Embodied Carbon: A Lecture by Fred A. Bernstein - Princeton University Media Central]


Great lecture Fred.

Embodied carbon is a growing issue and rapidly becoming a major issue that many organizations are working on reducing. I especially liked your comments around making claims, and analyzing them to see the entire environmental impact of projects.

Fred -

Great lecture. I did like the Q&A at the end. I truly appreciate your honesty and passion for digging deep into carbon emissions.

Sounds like you still have a bit of work to do on following up on Harvard’s House Zero, I just saw your other post about it. Are there any other targets on the radar?

Also, I’d love to get your opinion on proper carbon accounting practices when it comes to things like CarbonCure, which sells its CO2 curing sequestration technology as a Carbon Offset to third party.

Does this create an issue at the building level, when the building has implementing this technology, and wants to claim its sequestration in the whole building LCA, but can’t without double counting?