Embodied Carbon and Steel Webinar - Take II (4/2 @ 1:10 EST)

We have the rescheduled webinar on embodied carbon and structural steel to this coming Thursday (4/2 @1:10 EST) and we are hoping as many of you can join us as possible. Since the last webinar fell victim to a completely overloaded internet, we’ve implemented a thick roster of tricks to make sure this one goes off smoothly, including starting off the hour at 1:10 EST and pre-recording the webinar, just in case everything goes kaput again.

Since it has been pre-recorded I can say that Mike Gryniuk is going to share some pretty remarkable strategies for optimizing steel structures. Some of what he is showing goes way beyond anything we’ve seen before. You can register at the link below:
Webinar Registration

If you have any topics you would like for us to address, feel free to post them here and I’ll pass them along to Mike.


This was an excellent webinar! Highly informative, and I’m walking away inspired about the possibilities of embodied carbon reductions. Thank you!

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Thanks Alex. Mike really hit it out of the park, we were very lucky to rope him into presenting. I’m always impressed by the rigor, ingenuity, and thoughtfulness of the Embodied Carbon Community.

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