How to add a local EPD in Tally environment?

I was wondering if anyone could explain how to add a new EPD to Tally. Is that option available?

It is possible my knowledge of this is out of date, but I am fairly certain that is not an option in Tally.

Still a good tool with many good features, but adding EPDs is not one of them.


Hi Mehdi - My understanding is that Eric is correct, Tally doesnt have that functionality. I believe that was the motivation behind the development of the TallyCat tool.

Tallycat is EC3 linked, and so I would expect that in order to add an EPD to Tallycat, you’d submit it to EC3. Not sure of the lag time between submittal and appearance.

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Thank you for the confirmation. All the best.

Hello Jeremy,
I installed Tally but this “Tally Cat” is new to me. I need to try it before making any comment. Does it need to be connected to BIM 360?

I am now using BIM 360 and Tally works well with EC3. I am thinking if one does not have access to BIM 360 how it is possible to benefit from EC3?

I appreciate your comments.

TallyCAT is designed to bridge the gap between Revit models and EC3, allowing model information to be transmitted to the EC3/TallyCAT system. It’s similar to how Tally simplified LCA take offs in Revit, but with a larger database of materials, although it’s only carbon focused. EC3 can still be used without any BIM model because you can manually enter in material quantities. it’s a bit of a pain to do it this way, and it’s more likely set up for contractors than architects, but the functionality exits.

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Hi Justin,
Thank you so much. This is very helpful. I need to try it. I am assuming this does not need BIM360 then. I appreciate your insight.
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A major distinction to consider between TallyLCA and TallyCat is that TallyLCA gives you a cradle-to-grave analysis, while TallyCat is simply an output of cradle-to-gate EPD information. For this reason, I dont believe that TallyCat and EC3 report biogenic carbon content.

I believe that both allow you to manually input A4 and A5 information.


Thank you so much. It is a fine deference.
I am not sure how we validate beyond the A4 stage. I am not sure if the available data is accurate or where are they coming from. Do you have any comments?

Please see our documentation for explanation of diferences bwteeen tallyLCA and tallyCAT. In a nutshell: tallyLCA is a A-D whole-building LCA tool covering multiple environmental impact categories, tallyCAT is a A1-A5 upfront carbon tool covering only fossil GWP (at the time of this thread - we’re working on updates). tallyCAT is a Revit plugin, no need for BIM360.

The reason you cannot add EPDs to tallyLCA is because EPDs lack info for calculating some of the other life cycle stages and environmental impacts in a consistent manner across all the possible EPD data sources. Any EPDs in tallyLCA have always been “re-modeled” by the provider of the GaBi LCA data to ensure consistency in background data and assumptions. This is a very tedious and inefficient process so we are working on some changes.

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Very informative as always. Thank you, Vaclav.

It is a fundamental question here for you. I understand the PCR to create EPDs. How we measure A1 - A5 has clear instructions.

What is the method of measurement and the level of accuracy for B1 - B5, C1 - C4, and D1 - D4 in the software? Thank you!

Tally doesn’t directly add custom EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) because EPD data might not align with Tally’s calculations. However, some LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software like GaBi can process EPDs and then be used with Tally. So, you’d need separate software for EPDs and then connect it to Tally.

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