SEI Sustainability Committee Annual Meeting TOMORROW!

To All Structural Engineers and Friends:

The Structural Engineering Institute’s Sustainability Committee invites you to its 2020 virtual annual meeting. This year’s meeting features a presentation by Chris Magwood on the opportunity for low-rise buildings to be a climate change solution. See below for more details. We will also have updates from committee Working Groups on their accomplishments over the past year and plans moving forward.

Come hear how this vital and productive committee is addressing the critical sustainability issues of the day through its work on the SE 2050 Commitment, embodied carbon, disaster resilience, life-cycle assessment, infrastructure, thermal bridging, and more. Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to engage on these issues; the Sustainability Committee may be the place for you.

The meeting will happen on Monday, June 22 (tomorrow), from 2 to 4 pm Eastern Time (11 am to 1 pm Pacific) and is open to anyone. Register for it here.

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