Units used when talking about CO2e

Hi, I’m relatively new to this community, so please excuse me if I ask something that is already obvious to everyone here.

When we are talking about embodied carbon are we all talking in metric/SI units? I see mostly references to kg CO2e, and EPDs seem to refer to kg, m² and MJ (although sometimes they are for products described in inches). Is this always the case?

Is there some kind of consensus, or are people talking about different things depending on where they live?

Hi Lloyd, I think the differences come from where the reference or test was completed.

The United States use Imperial, while most of the world use the metric system. I find it easier to work with kg so I don’t get confused between tonne and ton. I don’t think it matters which system you use, as long as all references are in one unit or converted to that unit. You cannot use two different unit standards interchangeably.