Requesting Assistance with GWP

We are needing help understanding the E + 03 in a GWP measurement.

Is that a margin of error? And, for an accurate representation of the volume used in a project, is it as simple as adjusting that GWP number proportionally to the volume referenced in the EPD?

Hi Kenzie,

The E+03 is the scientific notation of 10^3. So, if you get a result shown as 52E+03 kgCO2e that’s 52*1000 = 52000 kgCO2e.

See an example below:
OCL Results Scientific

(Convert to decimals)
OCL Results Decimals

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info, that was very helpful! We’re an architecture firm trying to educate our clientele (who typically know next to nothing about GWP) in the simplest terms possible. Another thing we’re not clear about: would we need to adjust the lifecycle GWP designations from the EDP to reflect the volume of the materials used? Thank you again.

Hi Kenzie,

If you’re undertaking an Embodied Carbon analysis you may find these IStructE resources useful for your education and discussions. It’s UK based, but the principles hold regardless of your location.

And the guide itself: