Are there any datasets (US) that include building-wise energy consumption (or lighting energy consumption) and also the area of the buildings for all buildings in the US?

Energy Star has some data made publicly available for buildings in NYC, Chicago, and Seattle. Wondering if similar data can be found for other cities that includes the following: address, sqft, electricity usage or electricity eui, and facility type.

Revati, while working on a project which required the same data, I did not find a centralized database. Your best, and probably only, bet is to use the available data provided by municipalities. Our project focused on DC and Baltimore, and I did some personal research on Boston, all of which had public energy records with addresses, sqft, EUI, and building type/function. Best of luck!

Hi David, thanks so much for the reply. I have been on the lookout for this data for a while. The building addresses are almost always obfuscated or anonymized. For my project the address is crucial since we are trying to show some properties of the buildings on a map. Any chance you would be able to point me to DC, Baltimore and Boston if you still easily have access to those websites? I’ll start looking on my end for these cities too.

DC used to host their data within the DOEE (Dept. of Energy and Environment) and titled them under the yearly benchmark. It seems they’ve moved their data into a GIS map, with a downloadable CSV spreadsheet. There is another interactive, and more visually interesting, map showing the same data here.

Boston hosts their energy data within the city’s Dept. of the Environment yearly benchmark report. The most recent data is downloadable in .xlsx form. is a great resource for open source energy data. However, if you’re looking for granular, municipal, building-wise energy benchmarks it is going to require some legwork and trial-and-error. Out of curiosity, what are you planning on using this data for? I’d love to hear more about this project.

Thanks a ton for these links, David! I had downloaded the initial datasets from but discovered a few more. The Boston and DC dataset can be used for our project. Exactly what I was looking for!

We are working on an machine learning project for a company that does lighting audits. The aim is to build a recommender system for predicting the ROI (more like a range than an exact value) of replacing existing lighting with LEDs without having to conduct an audit.

In our project, how much energy a building consumes in lighting is being approximately derived from its electricity consumption by using a multiplying factor for different facility types. Hence the need for buildings, their addresses, and their energy consumption.

Thanks again for sharing the links! Your help is so much appreciated.

Also consider DOE’s Building Performance Database: Building Performance Database (BPD) | Department of Energy

The US Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey has this type of data as well although it’s aggregated in most data formats available. The CBECS dataset is the primary source for EPA EnergyStar, the AIA 2030 challenge among many other organizations. Some of the EIA CBECS analysis uses the survey results to estimate energy consumption across all US buildings for the purposes of policy development. A good place to start diving into it is here: EIA CBECS .

The BPD @macri.daniel mentioned is a great resource and pulls from various benchmarking ordinances from municipalities around the US. They provide links to the raw data as well.

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