Cost-benefit analysis of low-carbon concrete?

A5223_S3732 cost benefits analysis (2).pdf (276.4 KB)

Hi there,

I am working with the OpenAir Collective on a low-carbon concrete bill in NJ (based on NY’s LECCLA bill) and one of the key legislators that we need support from has asked for a cost-benefit analysis. I reached out to numerous vendors for data for calculating rough estimates for cost per ton of CO2 avoided or reduced (attached). However, this does not take into account lifecycle cost savings from increased durability.

Does anyone have a short, legislator-friendly document or something general that I could quote to give to a legislator about the cost or savings of using low-carbon concrete? I know there are a lot of variables that are hard to boil down to a simple statement.

I looked in the MIT CSHub web site for cost-related resources. I found one paper on price projection modeling, not really what I was looking for.

Sue Dorward
Sustainability & Energy Coordinator
Raritan Valley Community College

NRMCA is working on something to this end, but it’s not final (I am on the committee). Would recommend reaching out to the NRMCA staff lead (info below). Happy to forward along an email if you send to me

Lionel Lemay

Executive VP, Structures and Sustainability

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association



Thanks for your note. That’s great news that NRMCA is working on this document. When do you expect it to be released? Any chance I could get a sneak peak? I have a meeting on 8/17 withour sponsoring Assemblyman and a trade organization and would love to be able to reference it.

Thanks for your offer to connect me with Lionel. For context, I am in NJ and working with the OpenAir Collective, which developed the NY LECCLA (low-carbon concrete) bill that is the basis for the NJ low-carbon concrete bill. The chair of the Senate Environment Committee is focused on cost. I put together a cost-benefit analysis focused on cost per ton of CO2 avoided/removed (attached), but I do not have any cost info related to improved durability. A cost analysis from NRMCA would be a huge help.


A5223_S3732 cost benefit analysis.pdf (278 KB)

Support Memo_ NJ LECCLA.pdf (1.24 MB)

Timing-wise it’s working it’s way through the NRMCA committees, but I would not be able to make that call to preview the document. I doubt it’ll be public by the 8/17 date.

Looking at the document, do like the approach to incentivize the lower carbon options. I’m curious what will be accepted proof of the carbon savings.

Did you want me to use that information to make the connection with Lionel? I can also make an introduction to NCMA on the concrete block side of the house. Ernest Maier also work in precast, but there is less attention being paid to this issue from the industry.

I’m out of town this coming week, but feel free to connect with me--