Webinar: Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Steel 3/19

So I posted this in the “old forum” and reposting it here:

In an effort to share expert knowledge on the topic of whole building LCA, we are continuing our expert guest webinar series, addressing the topic of steel this Thursday March 19th at 1PM EDT. Michael Gryniuk PE, with LeMessurier and SE 2050, will be joining us to share his strategies for reducing the embodied carbon of steel. This webinar is particularly important as embodied carbon of steel is a consistent challenge on our projects.

The content portion of the webinar is scheduled for 30 minutes with Q&A and to follow. Please consider this webinar largely LCA tool agnostic, so we want to encourage everyone to attend. If you can’t attend, not to worry, a recording will be posted. The registration link is below:


For those that missed our last webinar on concrete, which was fantastic, you can find the recording here: https://choosetally.com/webinars/

First off, apologies to anyone that either tried to join our webinar or could join but lacked video or audio. After that complete GoTo train wreck, we’ve rescheduled our webinar for 4/2 at 1pm EST. Although we initially planned a 4/1 as the makeup date, we thought better than to tempt fate. GoTo should have any issues with increased users sorted by then (we hope) and we will be doing a dry run in advance with a limited audience before just to make sure. The new registration link is below:

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Dear Roderick, thanks for your invitation. Just now I’m became member. My name is Liliana Medina Campos MSc. LEED AP BD+C, resources teacher and researcher for Green Building postgraduate course at Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, public university from Bogotá Colombia. Our experience with LCA is recent, mainly for clay masonry. Recently we are offering a Green Construction Master program (2 years) and LCA is one of our main interest. Does it possible to review webinar record? Best regards, Liliana

Absolutely, the recording is available online here: Tally Webinars