Do you know of any testing of Type 1L cement in pre-post tensioned concrete

Increasing the use of Type 1L cement in one of the quickest ways to reduce embodied carbon in concrete. Sound Transit is allowing the use of Type 1L in cast-in-place concrete. However, we need to see test data before allowing its use in pre and post tensioned concrete. Some of our structural engineers are concerned about long-term creep. Is anyone aware of any relevant test data?

Hi Denis,

What sort of information are you looking for? We have some test data for creep for a Montana DOT project using Type IL. I’ve also reached out to a precaster that has used Type IL for a number of years. They have said that they have data they can share if you have something specific you’re looking for.

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Hi Denis -

Have you tried to reach out to your local concrete suppliers? They are the ones that I tend to go to first for testing data.
I hope this helps.