Help me teach online LCA class at UW?

Hello, I’m leading an LCA seminar this fall and refurbishing an online course I offered last year into a hybrid course with both asynchronous online content and in-person discussion sections. I’m looking to identify someone to co-teach this course with me (as a temporary part-time lecturer). This will include helping to refine the online content and being responsible for the online discussion feedback and interaction. This course covers the basics of life cycle assessment in the building industry and students are expected to create a basic whole building life cycle assessment as part of this 10 week course (Sept 29-Dec 10). I expect that this will take approximately 10 hours a week with some flexibility as to the days/times the actual work takes place.

If this is something you might be interested in, please send me ( your resume and a brief introductory email including a description of your LCA background.


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