Jury member suggestions for AIA Chicago Decarbonization Award

Does anyone have any recommendations for some jury members for an AIA Chicago Decarbonization Award?

Would be great to be AIA affiliated but doesn’t have to be. Looking for an architect, engineer, consultant, and/or academic.

Would love to have someone from CLF as well as an Arch/Engineer/Consultant affiliated with CLF.


Hi, Scott. Jenny Carney at WSP would be a great juror. She’s working closely with a MAJOR tech company on their decarbonization commitments and implementation.


Hi @shane.totten

Great recommendation. Jenny would be great!

Also, the jurors do not need to be in Chicago. Just a clarification (may have just been happy coincidence that Jenny is).


Billie Faircloth, FAIA from KieranTimberlake knows a lot about decarbonization, if I’m allowed to nominate people from my own firm.

Thanks Efrie!

Peter Alspach from nbbj

If you’re still looking for folks, Alex Vandenbergh from Silman is a structural engineer who has been very involved in CLF New York and would be a great!

Thanks @Jessica_Haberstock !