Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Carbon and Mass Timber Cities - new organizations, networks and communities

More organizations are emerging to help design, build and support Net Zero Energy Cities. Here are just a few.

Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance - member cities - including Vancouver, Seattle and Portland - are in many countries.

Net Zero Carbon Cities

  • Video from COP26

Video from COP26 - How can construction contribute to solving the climage crisis?

Google spinoff, Sidewalk Labs is one of the growing number of companies focused on Net Zero Energy and Carbon Zero Cities - see more on Sidewalk Labs mass timber focus here.

The US is the world’s largest market for wood-framed buildings, about 93% of single family homes in the US are wood-framed (compared to about 10-15% in Europe) and interest in mass timber for taller buildings is growing rapidly, including to remove carbon.

Oregon is the leading lumber producing state and is widely recognized as leading in developing a mass timber supply chain](Oregon becomes first state to legalize mass timber high rises). Washington State is the second largest lumber producting state. How will our region - the Pacific Northwest - lead in net zero energy and net zero carbon building with wood?

The Pacific Northwest is ideally positioned to lead the world at the intersection of technology, timber and sustainability. How can our real estate, technology, sustainability and construction industries work together to make our region even more a global leader in developing efficient and scalable building systems for timber buildings, communities and cities? We have growing housing shortages on the US West Coast and already lead the world in technology and building with wood - isn’t it time to build smarter, faster, greener and better with wood?

Join me in helping make this happen.

Here are 33 video presentations on Mass Timber

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