Report Family Type Name or ID for all Families that have a Tally Material Assigned

Was wondering if it was possible in the excel export to report what family types or elements that have had a Tally material assigned to them. Even better would be to have a type parameter added to the family type or an instance parameter added to the element that would indicate Tally material assignment status (red, yellow, green). The ultimate goal here is to generate Revit view templates and filters that would color elements that have Tally materials assigned. This would facilitate designers navigating the model in 3d and getting a quick visual QAQC check of what parts of a model have been accounted and which parts have not been.
Thanks for your help!

I LOVE this idea of a visual queue of what’s accounted for showing up in the model. In my opinion, the biggest opportunity for Tally is definitely the QC process.

Some of this information (family level) is stored in the raw tally data tab that’s hidden in the back end. Technically it’s something you shouldn’t be accessing but I know several firms have found their way in one way or another. I’ve heard closing out the excel file as it’s being built results in an unprotected workbook, but haven’t tried that myself.

As for getting this back into Revit - that part would be harder. From what I’ve seen poking around in revit and dynamo is that the Tally information is hidden from Revit. If you brought the excel output back into dynamo, you may be able to script a system that color codes families. I think you would only have “has materials applied” and “does not have materials applied” as the raw tally data doesn’t include the same stop light information. If you do this, I’d love to see a follow up post!

If we can get access to the raw hidden excel data I have a high degree of confidence that we can come up with a dynamo / python solution to add parameters to the families based on the excel data then create filters that ‘watch’ for those parameters. That whole revit process could be pretty easily automated. The bottleneck is getting access to the source data from that Tally database.

I’ll do some investigation into this and post if I find anything. In the meantime if anyone has found a reliable hack for this please share. If we get access I’ll happily share the dynamo automation with the larger community to make all of our lives easier :slight_smile:

Michael, email me at I may have a workflow for you.