SCMs in the North East- what's available?

Hi everyone,

To all the structural engineers practicing in the North East- this question is for you!

I’m looking for information on SCMs in the Massachusetts and New York specifically. I’ve heard fly ash is not used much in MA due to availability and cost. If not fly ash- what other SCMs are used and why?

Any info you have is helpful. I’ll be using this information in a new technical resource to help low-embodied carbon concrete legislation campaigns in New York State and Massachusetts. Thanks!

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Hey Rebecca - while I’ve never used it in a mix personally, Pozzotive/Recycled Glass is an SCM that I know is used in the NE. I’m not sure the “why” but I’ve only seen it in CT, NY, etc. I believe there’s a large plant somewhere in the NE that processes the glass which can be used as either aggregate or SCM in the mix. I’m pretty sure you can get a pretty high replacement of cement using recycled glass.

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Thanks for this info, Jake! I’ve head good things about Pozzitive, and I think they’re relatively new on the scene. I’ve heard that it’s been slow to adopt because not all ready-mix suppliers have space to store it on site (they have to purchase a separate silo). Does that track with your knowledge?

Do you know of any other pozzolans that are popular in the NE?

Yep, that makes sense and I think can be said about any SCM. Suppliers won’t have it in their storage unless supply/demand allow for it.

I’d recommend reaching out to Luke McHugh who is a Senior Director for NRMCA. He will have a great pulse on other SCMs in the NE and will be connected to any recent advancements in the everchanging concrete industry. I let him know I was going to pass along your information and he’s been a great contact for me in recent years. Feel free to call or email him and he can point you in the right direction.

Luke B. McHugh, PE
Senior Director, Local Paving
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Phone (267) 212-4700

Hi Jake, thank you so much for this information and connecting me with Luke, he sounds like a great resource!


O&G Industries is based out of CT and supplying Pozzotive ( Slag of course is a very commonly used SCM. We’ve been looking into using calcined clay but struggling to find supply options specifically in NE if anyone has information.

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