Searching for Novamesh 950 reinforcement EPD for slab on ground, and a suitable replacement amount

Dear Friends,

I need to add Nova mesh 950 as reinforcement (5lb/yd3) in concrete for slab on ground. Obviously there is only steel rebar option as concrete reinforcement. What is the suitable amount, if I want to select rebar instead of the required mesh?
I even found a Fiber mesh EPD to compare it with the rebar EPD. However, the values were extremely different.



Welcome, Nadi.
For slabs on ground, I would estimate 20 lbs of rebar/wire mesh per cubic yard of concrete.

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Thanks for your reply. However, the rebar GWP is almost half of the Welded Wire mesh. If I want to choose CRSI EPD as concrete reinforcement, should I double the amount as kg/m3 concrete for precise result instead of WWR?

Yes, if you have information on WWR but choose to substitute rebar, then double the quantity of rebar.

Hello Adam,

I appreciate your help in this matter.
I was wondering to ask you the value of the rebar that you consider as reinforcing for mat slab?
And is this value the same for Hybrid, mass timber, Steel and concrete scheme building?

Thanks is advance for your help.