Scoping Tally studies

Hello Tally users -

What are your best practices for maintaining a consistent study scope on project Tally studies as the project design evolves? I’ve tried to use consistent Revit worksets (Substructure, Superstructure, Envelope, Finishes) to control the study scope, and taking a screenshot of the study settings before running the Tally analysis - wondering if anyone has better tips/processes to share!

Hi Alex,

I’m not sure that I’m understanding your question exactly, but perhaps this helps. We keep a secondary Tally study log, stored in excel. This tracks which worksets are included, what elements are tracked in which model (structural and architectural being the main offenders for double counting), as well as a log of assumptions, modifications, and any questions that come up during the process. It’s a little unwieldy, but it provides a paper trail for anyone who has to pick up the model down the line. We’re working on developing a short-hand version of this log, but for now, the long format version seems to work.

If that’s not what you are looking for, can you explain further?