Walter P Moore releases report on embodied carbon with a wide range of interesting topics!

Walter P Moore just released our annual stewardship report focused on embodied carbon across all of our practice areas. I wasn’t sure how to tag this because it features a lot of topics, including data uncertainty in WBLCA, grid decarbonization, shipping impacts, building reuse, salvaged materials, timber, concrete technologies, water use, enclosure, and getting to net zero. There are also some interesting case studies! Would love to hear y’all’s thoughts.


Love the case studies showing the value of WBLCA to individual projects.
Do you have a presentation that goes with this? I’ve talked within my firm about SE2050 and having the structural team study embodied carbon, but seeing it in action would be awesome. Drop me an email if you’d be interested in presenting some of these case studies as a lunch&learn?

Yes we’d be happy to present! I’ll reach out to you via e-mail and we can discuss details.

Hi Martin,
I am from the Zero Energy Project ( and I am wondering who I could communicate with to get permission to republish some of the pieces in the Walter P Moore embodies carbon stewardship report as guest blogs in our newsletter. We would give full credit to the author(s) and links to Walter P Moore.
Joe Emerson, Director
The Zero Energy Project

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Hi Joe. You can reach out to Dirk Kestner at and please CC me at

Awesome report, Martin! Congratulations to your team.

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